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19. června 2007 v 16:54 |  Sarah Michelle Gellar
One of the greatest gifts my job has given me is that my mother, who gave up her entire life for me, doesn't have to work any more. I'm now in a position to repay her for her devotion."(About her mom)
Buffy has a life that I can really understand. You want to go to the prom but, at the same time, you have work obligations. Do you have a date, or do you go sit in the cemetery all night?(About Buffy)
My biggest complaint is when it's Send-the-Roses day, somebody's always left out. I always got roses, but I would give them to someone who hadn't gotten any.(About High school)
I'm always the one who get's killed. And I want it to be really gory. Body parts all over the place. Mangled! ( About horror movies)
He grew up with women so he leaves the toilet seat up (About marrying Freddie)
I've always been the nerdy, geekish outsider who still remembers how a lot of my classmates used to torture me. Buffy made me a stronger person. Growing up, I always felt different from other kids and they would always tease me about my work in commercials or TV as a way of putting me down. All the success that the series - Buffy - has enjoyed has erased a lot of self-doubts that I grew up with. I don't feel like the nerd or the loser any more.(About school)
It's important for me to go out on top. I don't want to be part of a show that runs eight years only to have people say of it, that should have ended years ago.(About Buffy)

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